Being Alone

It’s easy to feel alone. But always remember. You’re not alone! There are 7 billion of us. You don’t need to feel like you’re on your own. It’s important that you remember there is always someone that has gone through what you’re going through. We’ve been on the Earth for thousands of years. Everyone has experienced everything there is to experience. Therefore, regardless of how you think you’re the only one going through whatever it is you are experiencing, there is always someone who has gotten out on the other side, only stronger because of it.

None of us are alone. We are all one human kind. One group on this Earth. We are all here to find our meaning; our greater purpose.

So, never forget. You can always find someone with whom to share stories and sorrows. Wherever you go, whether it be a restaurant, a grocery store, or cafe, there is someone around you going through something very similar. You never know people’s stories. Leaving you with a quote:

“Don’t judge someone’s story by the chapter you walked in on.”

We must all take care of each other.


This is a powerful one. Desire for those things that others have. The discussion of jealousy begins in understanding why these feelings exist. Each person has certain innate goals and aspirations for their lives, but falling short of these goals causes them to look to others achievements and compare them to their own. This also ties into jealousy in a relationship; feelings of inadequacy and wanting to be the focus of the situation take over. You wouldn’t feel jealous of someone with your partner if you were 100% certain about yourself and had full trust in your partner.

Jealousy can be very overwhelming. Just remember, it really is all in your head. Breath, relax, and understand that no one is you. You are unique, and have so much to offer the world. Embrace who you are, and know that the people who are meant to be in your life will gravitate towards you.

Jealousy can come from both emotional connections and material things. Most have a dream house. One with a certain number of bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a sprawling backyard. Speaking of houses, if you find yourself in need and you’re moving to, from, or around the best city in the world, use LA’s best moving service. Just keep your focus on your goals, and understand that your results stem directly from your actions. If you want that dream house, then you better make sure your actions are consistent with that goal/dream. If you’re not where you want to be, change your actions and your situation will change. Most people don’t realize this very simple yet extremely powerful reality of life.


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Now this topic is a huge one. It’s not one to be discussed quickly. This will be one that we come back to explore again and again. But let us start:

Happiness can be viewed to have three main components:

  1. fulfillment
  2. goal achievement
  3. acceptance

ONE: Fulfillment can be defined as the actions and results in your life aligning with your values. One has a fulfilling life if these things line up and are consistent. Through childhood, perception on the world, and life experiences, each person has certain things that define their life as on that fulfills expectations, hopes, and dreams. Most feel that laying on their death-bed with no regrets would be considered having lived a fulfilling life; no things left unsaid or things left undone. So, if you’re looking to help launch that idea you’ve been mulling over for years, or to help grow and expand your business’s web presence, check out West LA-based web design and management team, at

TWO: Goals are an integral part of daily motivation. They continually remind you why you wake up and do what you do each and every day. Without clear goals to achieve, you lose the meaning of your actions, which encourages you to stop taking these actions. With no clear understanding of why you are doing something, will you really be motivated to do it?

THREE: Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, whether they admit it or not. This doesn’t mean it’s of utmost importance to care what others think; however, having people who know who you truly are, accept it, and embrace it, is something that innately is part of human nature. To be wanted and loved is a fundamental piece of being human.

Obviously every single person on this Earth has their own perspective and understanding of happiness and how they define it in their life, but these three fundamentals are things that I argue can be universally part of what makes a person on this Earth truly happy.

To be further explored in the future….

Peace, love, happiness, and fulfillment to all, and to all a good night.


Anger. Where does anger come from? It is a deep, extremely strong, consuming emotion.

Anger can be triggered by anything. You spill your coffee on yourself in the morning. Your friend betrays you. Something very important to you breaks unexpectedly. Although the sources vary, each of these result in similar physical reactions. It’s a pretty consistent feeling, and requires action on the feeler’s part to let the anger go.

Anger tends to root itself deeply in your mind that is separate from rational thought. In order to properly address the emotion, you must trace the true source of the it. Anger is very good at masking its sources in different ways.  The reason you tell others you’re angry may/most likely vary from what you truly feel.


Check out the American Psychological Association’s page on anger management:

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